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A Refreshing Take on Angels: A Review of No Angel by Helen Keeble

No Angel - Helen Keeble

There are some readers that come into a book looking to be deeply moved or find a deeper meaning. No Angel, on the other hand, is the type of book that really isn't meant to be serious.It's filled with ridiculousness, drama and sometimes crude humor, even in its more "serious" or darker moments. Nonetheless, I enjoyed No Angel's light plot and characters.


One of the things that makes No Angel stand out is its lead. Unlike most paranormal books, No Angel follows a teenage guy. Raffi's not a Gary Stu, and at times, he's thinking of somewhat crude things. However, just like the blurb claims, his voice is pitch-perfect as a teenager and pretty easy to relate to. What's more is that his adventures are absolutely hilarious - somehow, he always gets into some form of unfortunate trouble and is forced to improvise his way out. That's not to say, however, that he's not a sort of hero. Although he's not the most upstanding citizen, he tries his best to help others and become a hero. Things just usually don't go as they planned. However, in that sense, Raf was a great narrator for No Angel, proving to be an entertaining yet somewhat heroic complement for its silly plot.


The side characters were also well written.By themselves, they probably wouldn't have stood out, but together they definitely formed a formidable group. Faith, for example, could be classified as a Mary Sue had she been the sole focus of the novel. However, she's balanced out by characters like Krystal, who's a bit wacky but witty and sarcastic in her own way. Though their personalities were really nothing new, each of their characters were unique and entertaining to follow. The chemistry between the characters and their secret plans and journeys also worked well together to create an even better story.


No Angel's plot really brought the book together. Though I place a lot of emphasis on the pure ridiculousness of the book, there's also more to my enjoyment of No Angel. It wasn't just that there was an abundance of ridiculous, laugh-inducing drama. It was also that it's a break away from the usual YA paranormal romance. How many angel books have you seen with a male lead, and one whose plot isn't largely focused on romance? From what I've seen, there aren't that many. As such, No Angel not only has a large entertainment factor, but is also refreshing in its rather different approach.


No Angel isn't particularly enlightening, but it's a book that's totally refreshing and immensely entertaining. Keeble's style of characters and new take on overdone genres such as angels is something I definitely will look forward to in her other works. If you're looking for a book that's different from a typical romance or a quick weekend read, definitely pick up No Angel!